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At Southfield Day Nursery, we make sure that your child is happy and active with our range of planned play activities. We also provide healthy meals throughout the day.
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Keeping your child healthy and happy

A child's health is fundamental to their growth and general well-being. Our in-house cook provides healthy meals and snacks for your child to eat throughout the day. 
We are able to offer breakfast, a late morning healthy snack, a two-course lunch and afternoon tea. With all of our meals, we take extra care to cater for dietary needs and request that parents notify us of any special requirements prior to their child coming to our day nursery.
All food is prepared in a clean environment and has been inspected and certified by Environmental Health Inspectors as being of the highest standard. We also have received the Food Hygiene 5-Star rating award from the local authority.
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Child care for children from 0 to 8 years

Play is a key part of our child care, where children are able to experience social interaction as part of their development and everyday life. At our nursery, we have an enclosed garden with beautiful apple trees and also a play area where your child can enjoy being active outside. Our nursery is designed to be home-like and welcoming so your child will feel comfortable whilst in our care.
Although we have indoor play areas and a large conservatory, all children regularly get to enjoy playing in the playground and the lovely garden.
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Getting your child into a daily routine

The general hygiene and well-being of each and every child at our nursery is given high importance. From hand washing to getting them to brush their teeth after meals, we introduce easy to remember daily routines

Looking out for your child's safety

Your child's safety is our main priority, which is why we obtain any parental information upon registering the child with our nursery to see if there are any relevant legalities. This mainly deals with who has legal contact and parental responsibility over the child. Our staff also carry out routine risk assessments on both inside and outdoor areas. 

To discuss your concerns, feel free to talk to one of our friendly staff members.
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For more information about our nursery school, call Southfield Day Nursery, Cramlington on

0191 250 2221

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